Rotary & Packaged Refrigerant Systems

  • Maintenance & repair of rotary chillers, including centrifugal & screw compressors. Complete motor, compressor, purge and control panel diagnostics.
  • Retubing of heat exchangers. Fabrication of new supports sheets & end sheets.
  • Eddy current testing of tubes.
  • Oil and refrigerant analysis.
  • Maintenance & repair of packaged & split air conditioning systems using R-22, R-410a and blend refrigerants. Both air cooled and water cooled. Self contained indoor, ceiling, vertical and rooftop units.
  • Repairs to all direct expansion systems including ductless split systems.
  • Leak repairs, compressor replacements, diagnostics, monthly preventative maintenance and inspections. Service contracts with 24/7 emergency call availability.
  • OEM part replacement as well as specification for cost saving generic items.
  • Coil cleaning, repair and replacement.

Factory trained and/or certified by the following manufacturers: York, Trane, Carrier, Mitsubishi, LG, Daikan, Aaon, Mammoth, Rheem and Lennox.