Energy Conservation

Utility usage and cost is a critical issue facing building owners. It is a financial concern that constitutes a significant portion of an operating budget. With today’s focus on the environment, the emissions from utility production are also important both locally and nationally.

In response to these concerns, New York City has developed its PlaNYC, which is a series of goals for the year 2030 designed to make New York a cleaner, greener, more efficient city. As part of this initiative in 2010 Local Law 84 was put into effect. This essentially states that all buildings over 50,000 square feet must begin documenting their energy and water consumption data to be used for benchmarking by NYC government.

This will most likely mean buildings that are deemed inadequate will be faced with tiers of improvement to be met, and those that are on their way to a higher level of efficiency will receive incentives.

In direct response to this, owners and property management firms are now taking a closer look at the operation of their HVAC systems. Through our expertise in equipment operation, and our experience in the construction & design of central plants, Crystal Comfort can help improve the energy efficiency of your building.

Starting with your current utility bills, and a survey of your HVAC equipment, we will collect data on your building profile to calculate performance and potential energy savings. An assessment will be done on any mission critical items that you may have. Your current fuel and energy sources will be evaluated for compliance and cost effectiveness with current market trends. We will then recommend a plant retrofit that suits your needs and show a life cycle cost analysis that includes municipal and government rebates.

Among the Energy Conservation Measures that Crystal Comfort can provide are:

Alternative Plant Designs:

  • Switching from district steam to natural gas.
  • Converting from fuel oil to natural gas.
  • Retrofitting the thermal load from steam to hydronic.
  • Installation of high efficiency centrifugal chiller with VSD.
Efficency Measures:

  • Variable frequency drives on motors.
  • Automated controls.
  • Primary/Secondary pumping systems.
  • Steam valve, trap and condensate inspection.
Chiller Optimization:

  • Control Panel retrofits.
  • Chilled water reset.
  • Improved maintenance schedule.
  • Burner evaluations on direct fired absorbers.
  • Cooling Tower overhauls for better efficiency.
The following are descriptions of Construction Projects we have successfully completed that incorporated these Energy Conservation Measures into the design and have seen substantial savings and returns on investment: