Absorption Equipment

  • Maintenance & repair of low pressure steam, high pressure steam and gas fired absorption chillers.
  • Service contracts that include annual & multiyear preventative maintenance as well as 24/7 emergency call availability.
  • Leak repairs, pump overhauls, spray tree cleaning & repairs, and eddy current testing of heat exchangers.
  • Retrofitting vintage absorbers with new style solution & refrigerant pumps, as well as control panels and purges.
  • Retubing of heat exchangers. Fabrication of new supports sheets & end sheets.
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing of shells.
  • Video boroscope inspection of machine internals.
  • Lithium bromide analysis and balancing of chemicals.
  • Repairs to gas burners, combustion chambers and sequential draft dampers.

Factory trained in the following manufacturers: York, Trane, Carrier, Yazaki and Broad.